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Find out about the Kimberley region, including a map and general overview, locations of major towns and local government areas, building projects, and health profiles for adults and children.


The Kimberley Health Region of the WA Country Health Service covers the  Kimberley Region of Western Australia. It is the state's most northern region and is strategically located on the southern margins of South-East Asia.

The coastline faces the Indian Ocean to the west and the Timor Sea to the north. It is bordered by the Pilbara region to the south and the Northern Territory to the east.

The Kimberley encompasses an area of 424,517 sq km and is almost twice the size of the State of Victoria, and 3 times that of the United Kingdom.

More information about the Kimberley Region is available on the Kimberley Development Commission website.

Towns and local government

The major population centres in the Kimberley region are the towns of Broome, Kununurra, Derby, Halls Creek, Wyndham and Fitzroy Crossing.

Major centresPopulation by LGA (2016 ERP) Distance from Perth



2239 km

Wyndham (East Kimberley)


3216 km

Derby (West Kimberley)


2510 km

Halls Creek


2855 km

The population figures relate to Estimated Resident Population (ERP) in 2016 for the Local Government Areas (LGA). Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics ERP 2016.

The region consists of the following local government areas:

There are also over 100 Aboriginal communities of various population sizes, scattered throughout the region and nearly 100 properties servicing the pastoral industry. The region has a large indigenous population, with nearly a third of the region Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people.

The Kimberley has a diverse economy, with mining, tourism, agriculture, and pearling all major contributors to the economic output of the area.

Geographically, this region features arid desert areas, spectacular gorges and river valleys, beautiful beaches, pockets of rainforest and extensive cave systems.

Health profiles

Please download the Kimberley's Health Profile form the site Publications page.


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