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Local doctor says know your status this World AIDS Day

The WA Country Health Service’s Dr Marisa Gilles and Michelle Young prepare testing kits for World Aids Day on 1 December.

The WA Country Health Service’s Dr Marisa Gilles is encouraging the Midwest community to know their status this World AIDS Day.

According to Dr Gilles, in Western Australia HIV is most commonly spread through unprotected sex.

“What people don’t realise, however, is that early detection and treatment can help an infected person live a normal and healthy life,” she said.

“Correct management will delay the onset of complications such as AIDS and importantly, stop the spread of infection within the community,” she added.

While treatment for HIV is life-long and involves taking one tablet each day, Dr Gilles said there was a misconception that a diagnosis of HIV meant death.

“The medication keeps the HIV virus at very low levels in the body,” she said.

“Meaning that the risks of damage to the immune system and the risk of passing on the virus to other people is almost zero,” she added

A blood test will determine if an individual is infected with HIV.

“We offer free testing and advice so if you’re in the Midwest – contact your local sexual health clinic on 9956 1958 or via text on 0427 990 285,” she said.

“This World AIDS Day, know your status,” she added.


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