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Here you can access application forms and guides for PATS, advice on accommodation options, useful links and contact information.

PATS Policy


Optional accommodation options

WA Country Health Service does not recommend or endorse any accommodation providers, as PATS is a subsidy scheme. As such, PATS does not have a formal relationship with accommodation providers but we will reimburse you regardless of which provider you choose. You can choose any commercial provider that you assess as suitable to your needs. You will need to conduct your own research to determine which providers meet your needs, and communicate with those providers directly to make enquiries.

While WA Country Health Service does not have a role in booking accommodation, we provide the following lists of known accommodation options that are close to commonly used hospitals and are available to discuss your accommodation needs in Perth. This may help provide you with a starting point for your research, and is not an endorsement of the services offered by these providers. It is the responsibility of all commercial providers to advise you how they may meet your needs, however this information is published to assist you with your research.

Providers may offer bookings with various booking services (including online booking websites) and some of those services may offer discounted rates.

When using commercial accommodation please ensure you ask for a full tax invoice and receipt in order to claim your PATS accommodation subsidy.

 Other Providers

This information has been published by the relevant accommodation provider to assist with research, however you should contact the provider directly to ascertain the currency of this information and to understand if this meets your needs.


Useful organisations and links

There are several other agencies that provide various support services to patients that need to travel for medical treatment, in cooperation with WA Country Health's Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS).

Country Health Connection (Meet-and-Assist service) 

Country Health Connection is a support and coordination service for Country Aboriginal people travelling from rural and remote areas to Perth.  Country Health Connect can provided transport for PATS patients who are staying at the Perth Aboriginal Hostels.  Bookings are to be made through your local PATS Office.  

Compliments, Complaints and Feedback

If you are unhappy about a PATS decision you should first approach the health service manager where the PATS Application was lodged.

If you would like further independent assistance with a PATS problem you can contact the Health and Disability Services l or the Office of Health Review or complete the Concerns/Feedback/Complaint Form.

The Health Consumers' Council  is an independent community based organisation that represents health consumers. They can be contacted at 1800 620 780.

The Health and Disability Services Complaints Office is an independent State Government agency established to deal with complaints about health and disability services. They can be contacted by telephone on 1800 813 583.

Interstate Patient Travel Scheme 

Patients who need to travel interstate to obtain essential specialist medical treatment not available in WA may be eligible for assistance under the Interstate Patient Transfer Scheme (IPTS). For further information about IPTS contact:

Department of Health
Chief Medical Office IPTS
189 Royal Street
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone (08) 9222 2474

Department of Veteran Affairs 

The Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) offers several forms of travel and accommodation assistance to their Gold and White DVA card holders through the Repatriation Transport Scheme. To discuss eligibility, PATS clerks are to contact the DVA on 1300 550 454. A DVA fact sheet on the Repatriation Transport Scheme is available on the DVA Website.

The Cancer Council of WA

The Cancer Council of WA  is a non-government agency which provides a comprehensive range of support, information, resources and services including accommodation.

Contact us

If you require more information about Patient Assisted Transport Scheme please contact your local PATS office