Maternal, child and youth health

Find out about maternity, child and youth health programs available in country Western Australia.

Maternity services

The WA Country Health Service (WACHS) works with many partners, including country General Practitioners (GPs), Aboriginal health services, private health professionals and metropolitan hospitals to ensure country women and families can access the full range of maternal and newborn care services they need.

Find a maternity service near you

You can find details of all WA Country Health Service maternity services on the Healthy WA website.

Facebook community

Find maternity service information, pregnancy news and stories on our Baby Bumps WA Facebook page.

Care options

There are a range of existing and new maternity service options for women and families.

Contact your local district hospital to find out what’s available in your area (not all will be available in all areas).

After seeing your GP and confirming your pregnancy, your GP will send your referral information to the service of your choice, you can also book yourself into the service by giving them a phone call.

Below are descriptions of each type of service to help you make your choice. You can choose one of the following to book in with, and they will coordinate all of your maternity care.

Public Hospital Maternity Care: Pregnancy care clinics for labour and birth, and initial postnatal care is provided in hospital by hospital employed doctors and hospital midwives. Postnatal care may continue in the home or community by hospital midwives.

Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) Care: Pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care is provided by a known primary midwife with secondary backup midwife/midwives providing cover. The MGP midwives work with doctors in the event of identified risks. Pregnancy and postnatal care is usually provided in the hospital, community or home, with labour and birth care in a hospital (some MGPs provide a homebirth service).

Community Midwifery/Shared Care: Pregnancy care is provided by a community maternity service provider (community midwife/GP/Remote Area midwife/Non-Government Organisation) with hospital medical and/or midwifery staff when needed. Care can occur both in the community and in hospital outpatient clinics. Birth and early postnatal care usually takes place in the hospital by hospital midwives and doctors.

General Practitioner Obstetrician (GPO) Care: Pregnancy care is provided by a GP Obstetrician either in a GP surgery or local hospital. Birth care is provided in either a private or public hospital by the GP Obstetrician and hospital midwives. Postnatal care is usually provided in the hospital by the GP Obstetrician and hospital midwives and may continue in the home or community.

Team Midwifery Care: Pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care is provided by a small team of rostered midwives (no more than 8) who work with doctors in the event of identified risk factors. Labour and birth care is usually provided in a hospital or birth centre. Postnatal care may continue in the home or community by the team midwives.

Antenatal care

  • It is important to get the correct information when you are pregnant which can be difficult with so much conflicting information on the internet.
  • For information on your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care read the Women’s and Newborns Health Service's booklet Pregnancy, Birth and your Baby which contains a lot of useful information.
  • You will be given a National Woman Held Pregnancy Record at your first appointment which will be updated by your health professional at every visit.

Childbirth and parenting classes

Be well-informed and well prepared.

Many WA country health maternity services offer childbirth and parenting classes.

If you do not live close to one of the sites listed below, or you are unable to attend, Telehealth/video conference classes are also provided. You can attend these classes with you partner at a hospital or from you home if you have a good internet connection.

Albany 9892 2310
Bridgetown 9782 1222
Broome 9194 2201
Bunbury 9722 1275
Busselton 9754 0333
Carnarvon 9941 0403
Collie 9735 1333
Derby 9193 3333
Esperance 9079 8000
Geraldton 9956 2222
Kalgoorlie 9080 5626
Karratha 9143 2333
Kununurra 9166 4222
Manjimup 9777 0300
Margaret River 97570400
Narrogin 9881 0333
Northam 9690 1366
Port Headland 9174 1000

To join the video conference classes, email


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