Standard Pathway

Standard Pathway

The Standard Pathway is for IMGs who do not qualify for the other assessment pathways and are seeking general registration as a medical practitioner within Australia. IMGs applying for the Standard Pathway should apply directly to the Australian Medical Council (AMC). To be eligible to apply for general registration with the Board under the Standard Pathway, IMGs must meet the Board’s registration standards listed here, which include:

  1. Holding an Australian Medical Council (AMC) Certificate
  2. Satisfactory completion of 12 months of supervised practice (minimum of 47 weeks full-time equivalent service) in Australia
  3. Satisfactory completion of rotations in Medicine (10 weeks), Surgery (10 weeks) and Emergency Medicine (8 weeks) demonstrating the Board’s Intern Outcome Statements and Guidelines for Terms (for exemptions see here)

There are two ways to achieve the AMC Certificate under this pathway. The first is by examination only. This involves the AMC Computer Adaptive Test Multiple Choice Questionnaire (AMC CAT MCQ) examination and the AMC Clinical Examination. Most applicants are assessed through this method.

The second is by completing the AMC CAT MCQ examination and undertaking workplace based assessment through an AMC accredited authority. The Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) program was developed by the AMC as an alternative assessment to AMC Clinical Examination. There are limited places available through this pathway across Australia. 

Successful completion of the Standard Pathway (regardless of whether the candidate completed the AMC Clinical Exam or WBA) results in awarding of the AMC Certificate.


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