Aboriginal employment

Improving Aboriginal health and Aboriginal employment in health is one of the key strategic directions for WA Country Health Service. WACHS works closely with Aboriginal Communities, Regional Aboriginal Planning Forums, Aboriginal service providers and related agencies to improve Aboriginal health and access to culturally safe and secure services.

WA Country Health Service Aboriginal Employment Strategy 2014-2018

Building a sustainable, skilled Aboriginal health workforce from entry level to leadership roles, using a variety of career pathways and employment opportunities to improve health service delivery is critical, and is identified as a strategic direction of the WA Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Framework 2015-2030.

The WACHS Aboriginal Employment Strategy 2014-2018 is underpinned by the WACHS Strategic Directions 2015-2018: Healthier Country Communities through Partnerships and Innovation, and recognises that people living in rural and remote areas remain in poorer health than their metropolitan counterparts and that Aboriginal health and life expectancy is significantly less than that of non-Aboriginal people.  

The WACHS Aboriginal Employment Strategy 2014-2018 builds on past successes and describes how WACHS will continue to address key health challenges in its regions.  This includes improving the health of Aboriginal people and by supporting workforce excellence and stability.

Download the WA Country Health Service Aboriginal Employment Strategy 2014-2018 (PDF).

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