Medical Education Unit

The Medical Education Unit (MEU) supports supervisors and junior doctors training in rural WA.

The WA Country Health Service,  Medical Education Unit (MEU) was established in September 2011 to support supervisors and  Doctors in Training in rural WA. The MEU operates from a central location in East Perth. In addition, in each region there are Directors of Clinical Training and Medical Education Officers that provide education, training and supervision of junior doctors on the ground.

The central MEU team consists of;

  • Director of Medical Education 
  • Manager
  • Medical Education Officers
  • Simulation Education Coordinators
  • Administrative Assistant

The MEU coordinates education and training in conjunction with regional medical education units. A key role is to develop and maintain the skills of regional supervisors with professional development programs and resources. The MEU has a dedicated medical simulation team, which directly delivers simulation courses to the regions and supports local simulation initiatives, such as MET training and skills workshops.  The MEU has an established Pre-vocational Education and Training Committee to oversee policies and procedures relating to junior doctor education, training and supervision.

WA Country Health Service (WACHS) aims to facilitate the career development of doctors who wish to train and work in rural areas in Western Australia.

WACHS is a Primary Employing Health Service for interns, and also has employment opportunities for Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) and Registrars. 

Medical students, junior doctors and supervisors of junior doctors with an interest in rural medical education and training are encouraged to make contact with the MEU. Phone 08 6553 0856 or email