Allied Health Transition to Practice Graduate Program

The Allied Health Transition to Practice (T2P) Graduate Program follows a self-directed approach to learning, enabling graduates to apply skills gained at university and to acquire new skills and knowledge.

The program provides additional strategies to complement local orientation, support and development.. The program is designed for graduates of audiology, dietetics, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, social work and speech pathology.

Program components

The Allied Health T2P Graduate Program includes the following key components:

Program orientation

Graduates will be orientated to the Transition to Practice program as well as provided with access to additional resources and learning opportunities relevant to rural and remote allied health practice.

Professional supervision

If required, graduates will be supported to access professional supervision beyond that available at the local site. This includes matching the graduate to an appropriate professional supervisor and the provision of training for both the supervisee and the supervisor.

Graduate networking

Graduates will be supported to build professional networks. Graduates will be supported to participate in profession-specific learning and networking to enhance evidence-based practice, identify and discuss common issues and propose solutions, and to share skills, knowledge and resources.

Graduate development

Program participants will further explore the WACHS Professional (P1) Organisational Guides. These guides will assist graduates to develop knowledge and skills in professional practice, corporate/operational processes, safety and quality and service delivery, as well as develop an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an allied health professional in WACHS.

The program will also include the delivery of a number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events targeting skills unique to the rural and remote environment and shared by allied health professionals.

A monthly e-communication (Graduate Bytes) will be distributed to graduates which will include education updates, journal article reviews and links to relevant resources.

Manager support

Support will be provided to managers of graduates to assist in maximising learning and support opportunities within the local context.

Entry to the program 

The program runs for nine months commencing February/March each year. It is open to allied health professionals who have secured employment with WA Country Health Service, and are in their first two years of practice. The program is inter-professional and delivered flexibly, regardless of location. 

Program entry can be initiated on commencement of employment in consultation with the local manager.

Last Updated: 20/04/2021