Patient Assisted Travel Scheme - PATS

We’re making improvements to PATS

Your GP will no longer need to sign your application form.

What is changing?

  • If you have a clinical reason to support requirements outside of normal PATS Guidelines, a WA Country Health Service medical practitioner will now assess this for you.
  • There will be a new PATS application claim form.
  • This change is occurring to streamline the PATS application process making it quicker and easier for you, our staff and your GP.

When is this happening?


Date effective


27 February 2023


20 March 2023


27 March 2023

Great Southern

3 April 2023


11 April 2023

Midwest 8 May 2023
South West 3 April 2023


Please contact if you have any questions about these changes.

Last Updated: 21/03/2023