Online Contractor Registration and Induction

The WA Country Health Service (WACHS) recognises the importance of ensuring that contractors engaged in services at our facilities are safe at all times.

We have designed a Contractor Induction System to deliver critical information, compliance measures and mandatory requirements in order to ensure safe workplaces.

There is no cost to complete the induction and no limit on how many employees may be inducted.Construction worker with rigging strap on site

If you are a company representative or business owner, you must direct all employees who will be undertaking work on your behalf at any WACHS site to register and complete their individual inductions.
Work may not be carried out until the registration process has been completed and employees or sole traders will not be allowed on site without a valid induction certificate.

Please note, in accordance with Part 1, Division 3, Section 7 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2020, all subcontractors and their employees engaged by a Principal Contractor are also considered employees and must undergo the same induction.

Steps to complete the induction:


1. Company Registration

A business representative must register your company/business in the Online Contractor Induction (OCI) portal - Company Registration page to register.

Once your business is registered and approved, you and your employees will need to register to complete your individual safety inductions.


1. Sole traders/suppliers will need to register both their business and  themselves as an employee, and then complete the induction.

2. The same email address cannot be used to register a business and then be used by an employee to register for induction. It must be a different email address.


2. Contractor Registration and Inductions

Contractors can register once the company registration is reviewed and approved. Contractors go to: to complete the registration process, upload their tickets or licenses and then complete the induction.

WACHS will conduct a validation process, notifying the contractor if their application is approved. Induction cards will be available to download and print from your OCI account. These must be shown when entering all WACHS sites. Once an individual has registered, they will be able to log in as required.


When a business or individual's licenses, certificates or tickets are uploaded to the portal, please input the expiry dates and correct contact information, as the system will automatically notify you when expiry dates are approaching. This makes it easier for you and your employees to keep everything current.



WACHS OCI - Company Registration Guide - How to register your business

WACHS OCI - Contractor Registration and Induction Guide - How to complete your induction


Last Updated: 20/05/2024