COVID-19 Information

The health and wellbeing of patients and staff is our top priority. That is why there may be some changes to the way you use the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme as we continue to respond to COVID-19 around the state

We remain committed to ensuring our patients receive the essential medical care they need, in the most appropriate setting.

Some of these changes may include requirements for travelling to and from regional WA, requirements for staying in some accommodations in Perth and requirements for visiting hospitals and health services.

We have developed a simple checklist to help you make sure you have everything you need when travelling under the PATS scheme during this time.

We also have outlined some useful information below, but if you have any questions or concerns please get in contact with your local PATS Office during business hours.

Travelling within Western Australia as a PATS patient

There may be some requirements when visiting certain settings such as mask wearing and showing proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations. For more information, visit the WA Government's COVID-19 webpage

Proof of vaccination requirements for hospitals

If you are attending a hospital or health service as a patient there is no requirement to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations. However, as per the WA COVID-19 Public Hospital Visitor Guidelinesall visitors are required to show proof of vaccination. This includes eligible escorts who travel with you to your appointment under the PATS scheme. These rules also apply to visitors to private hospitals. Please be aware that all visitors will be required to undertake COVID-19 screening prior to entering a hospital and, based on responses to these questions, visitors may or may not be permitted to enter the hospital.

There may be some exceptions to these guidelines for essential visitors, which includes people accompanying maternity patients, children, patients with a disability and during an emergency situation. These exceptions are managed on a case-by-case basis by the hospital or health service. If your escort or person accompanying you has not received two COVID-19 vaccinations, please contact your specialist or hospital as soon as possible to discuss if an exemption can be provided. Please confirm with your specialist or hospital prior to travel, as PATS cannot confirm this on your behalf.

Proof of vaccination requirements for accommodation providers

Some businesses (including accommodation providers and hotel/motels) may have a requirement for customers to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

PATS recommends you contact your accommodation provider to check if they require proof of vaccination prior to your trip as some accommodation providers are requesting proof of vaccination status prior to arrival.

Getting proof of vaccination

To find out more about getting proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations please visit the Services Australia ‘How to get proof’ website.

When and where will I need to wear a mask?

Please check the current public health measures that are in place by visiting the WA Government website.

Telehealth appointments

You may find that your specialist appointment is converted to a telehealth appointment. Telehealth appointments may be offered if your specialist is confident that you do not need to have physical contact in order to receive the care you need for your medical condition.

Telehealth involves the use of technology to deliver health care across a distance. Telehealth enables you to have an appointment in your own home or local health facility with a medical specialist, allied health professional or nurse by videoconference (VC).

You will be contacted with further information on how to prepare for a telehealth appointment either at a local health service or on your personal device. You can find out more about telehealth options here.

Will PATS offices be open during a COVID-19 outbreak?

Depending on the status of COVID-19 in regional communities, some PATS Offices may temporarily operate online only.

PATS staff will continue to be available to provide support and assess applications, however there may be some delays. All urgent applications (travel that is scheduled within the next 48 hours) will be given priority.

These measures will be implemented to promote the safety and wellbeing of community members and PATS staff around the state. We thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Please contact your local PATS Office during business hours with any queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have developed some Frequently Asked Questions related to COVID-19 and the PATS program. 

Last Updated: 28/07/2022