Allied health recruitment pools

Collage of allied health professionals. Top left: group standing outside Lambadina clinic, top right; speech pathologist consulting with child, bottom right: dietician with clipboard, bottom left: physiotherapist working on patient's arm.The allied health recruitment pools allow you to submit just one application and be considered for positions throughout WACHS for the duration of the recruitment pool. This includes casual, short-term, long-term, permanent, part-time or full-time positions.

As part of the application process, you are able to indicate your preferences for the type of position(s) you are interested in, where you would like to work and when you are able to commence work at WACHS.

P1 positions relate to base grade positions. These are suitable for both new graduate and experienced individuals. We currently recruit for P1 positions in the following professions, via our recruitment pools:

Final year allied health students are eligible to apply for the P1 recruitment pools up to two months’ prior to completion of their tertiary qualification. By this time, you should have at least commenced your final placement and/or be completing your final semester and course requirements.

P2 positions are senior roles and typically include supervisory and managerial duties and require you to have more advanced clinical and non-clinical skills. As a guide, you should have at least two years’ experience in your profession before considering applying for a senior role. We are currently recruiting for P2 positions in the following professions, via our recruitment pools:

All other permanent and contract allied health positions within WACHS are advertised online at JobsWA. Simply type your discipline in the keyword text field and click search.

Last Updated: 19/07/2024