Become a DHAC member

All DHAC members are appointed by the Minister for Health for an initial period of two or three years.

As a DHAC member, your role is to:

  • Talk with local consumers, carers, community members and groups to find out what health issues and services are important to them
  • Represent the views and opinions of consumers, carers and community members to the local health service, Region, WACHS Executive and Board
  • Inform local health service planning and strategic directions, from the consumer and community perspective
  • Offer creative ideas for improving community health with a focus on service safety, quality, access and health gain
  • Share informed comment and information on health issues and services with consumers and the community.

As a DHAC health service provider or agency representative, your role is to:

  • Share knowledge, expertise, and up-to-date information on health services
  • Listen to and demonstrate how the views of consumers and the community have been considered in service development and planning.

Read more about the role of DHAC members in the DHAC Member Handbook.

How to apply

If you have an interest in health and would like to make a positive contribution, we welcome your application for membership at any time, using the forms below:

Before you apply, ask to speak to the Operations Manager at your health service or contact your WACHS Regional Office to: 

  •  learn more about DHACs in your region or area
  •  connect you with your local DHAC Chairperson to discuss your expectations and role of the DHAC
  •  help you to apply for membership. 

The Health Consumers' Council of WA is also available to assist you with your application by phoning on (08) 9221 3422 or 1800 620 780 (toll free for country callers).

Last Updated: 27/04/2021